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BETWEEN TIMES of Uncertainty

What to do when you don’t know what to do.

Sometimes we find ourselves between jobs, relationships, disciplines, beliefs, and simply journeying through life making major decisions.

Remember there is always someone else going through similar challenges although their situations may appear different than your scenario.

For this brief chat I will speak mainly about a few courses of actions you could contemplate as you do what is necessary to obtain that next career path or job to help pay a few bills. When you find yourself out of work whether it is your decision or the company’s decision, maintain a positive attitude at all times. The negative attitude slows down the good that comes with time, consistent working on yourself image, your product, and perseverance.

  1. Create your resume to reflect the job description that matches your perfect or near perfect match.

  2. Create your cover letter to reflect the job description.

  3. Assess your current attitude towards work.

  4. Prepare a 30 to 60 second pitch of the perfect job or career path which you consider best for you at this time in your life. Be honest with yourself and you will see things line up for you. I say 30 to 60 seconds because if you were in an elevator or a networking event you are only given so much time to share your career path strategy with decision makers. Be sure that your 30 to 60 seconds presentation is impressive and attention grabbing or they may not listen to the remaining portion of the conversation.

If you are not sure how to navigate being out of work contact your local city or state government agencies for direction and job resources.

Visit the nearest Library. Try reading local newspapers, online websites, or walking into the establishment where you would like to work. Ask questions relative to how you could possibly work for such an organization. Visit the nearest school and or park district as these areas can always utilize your skills even if you are volunteering which will keep your talent relevant. You can find free classes to update your skills. You can find an apprenticeship (painting, bricklaying, construction, general contractor, plumbing, electrician, and more) that may interest you. You may even sit still long enough to assess how you have previously navigated through your working career. Think of the skills you have obtained while working.

For sure you have gained customer service skills whether, you spoke with customers face to face or on the phone, or you simply spoke with your co-workers on a daily basis. Remember the art of speaking with someone in a courteous manner is a skill that can be added to your working portfolio (resume/cv).

If you were in manufacturing or retail industry, there are some skills you have gained for however long you worked. Retail, you have learned how to control your temper when speaking with customers that were not pleased with a product. In manufacturing (warehouse), you have learned to deal with team building exercises that you thought were interrupting your daily workflow. Working in retail and manufacturing (warehouse), you have learned to work well with others to produce a positive bottomline for your employer for an extended period of time.

Be encouraged, be inspired, and be mentored,

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