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Freely Ask Questions!

This is advice from a parent to an adult child.

Ask questions…it becomes easier to ask questions when you know what you want and when you know where you want to go in life.

***Major discussions should be done after you learn who you are and what you are willing to accept or reject.***

Be in a soft setting, when the both of you are comfortable meet for breakfast or lunch.

Do things together outside of a home setting especially in the beginning….

Go bowling

Visit museums

Visit art shows

Visit outdoor festivals weather permitting

Visit Six Flags Great America Theme Park

Go experience the gun range

Go have fun with the paintball

Go learn Golfing

Enjoy a nice restaurant: East side, Westside, Northside, and Southside of town…ask yourself, which feels better?

Wherever you are most comfortable, it is there, you will spend more time.



Roller skating

Ice skating


Jet skiing

Bike riding



Learn their date of Birthday...what was history like when this person was born

How do the two of you celebrate birthdays? Are there celebrations?

Learn their family history

How are their relationships with mom, dad, siblings, and other family members?

Does this person have children? How often does this person have child/ren?

How long has it been since this person was in a relationship of any kind with the other parent?

What is their favorite gospel song?


What is their favorite song?

What kind of job/career does this person enjoy working?

What types of hobbies does this person enjoy?

What are somethings this person enjoys doing if payment is not a factor?

Before things go through deeper…REVIEW their resume

  1. Has this person ever been out of work for an extended period of time?

  2. How long was the person out of work, if applicable?

  3. What kind of work did they do to feed themself?

  4. How were they able to take care of car, or pay their rent or mortgage?

Ask serious questions because you both have serious responsibilities.

Look at their bank statements...

  • Does this person have a bank account?

  • How long has this person managed their bank account?

  • Has this person ever forgotten to maintain funds for an automatic payment?

  • How did he/she handle the situation?

Does the person have reservations about sharing information?

Are you comfortable asking these types of questions? Why or why not?

This is your future…

You will learn each other daily and there will still be things to learn as time goes on.

Thank you for reading,

Be encouraged, Be inspired, and Be mentored

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